For 4 year olds
For 5 year olds
Judging: SECTION I Dressage Test 30 marks
followed by
SECTION II Jumping 40 marks
SECTION III Conformation & Quality 20 marks
SECTION IV Suitability and Potential (First ten horses only will be required to complete this section) 1- 10 marks
Prize Money: 1st £50
(Minimum) 2nd £35
3rd £25
4st £20 (over 10 starters)
5st £20 (over 20 starters)
6st £20 (over 30 starters)
QUALIFIERS: 1 qualifier 1-15 starters Subject to finishing in the top 4 placings – this is applicable where previously qualified horses are placed higher up the line.
2 qualifiers 16-30 starters
3 qualifiers Over 31 starters
  • Horses must exceed 148cm without shoes.
  • Open to horses foaled in 2011 and 2012.
  • SADDLERY (warm-up and competition): tack as per British Eventing Rules for Novice Dressage – snaffle bridle only. For copy check website www.britisheventing.com (Chapter 7). Running martingale only and front boots are optional for sections I, II and IV. However, NO hind boots or bandages of any kind may be worn in the collecting ring, warm-up area or actual class. Jumping whip only allowed (max length 75cm).
  • DRESS: As for British Eventing Novice Dressage Test/Hunting Dress. British Eventing / BHS approved hat and harness to be worn for all sections.
  • Opening Date: 26th May
  • Closing Date: 9th June. In the event of oversubscription this class may be closed early.
  • Balloting: Entries will be accepted on first received, first accepted basis.
  • Entries: www.bdwp.co.uk/bar or post entry form to:
    Holly Farr, Mead House, South Farm, Hatherop, Gloucestershire, GL7 3PN
  • Withdrawals: 2nd July.
  • Starting Times: www.bdwp.co.uk/bar on 5th July from 1800.
  • Horses may be ridden by the judge at the Finals.


SECTION I Dressage Test (60m x 20m) Arena Marks will not be awarded for individual movements but the test will be marked for general impression and overall performance.

To be ridden from memory

A Enter in working trot
From X proceed directly to
M Working trot
C Serpentine 3 loops each loop to go to side of the arena finishing at A
F X H Change rein showing some lengthened strides (Not required for 4 year olds)
Between H&C Working canter right
C Circle right 20m diameter
M X K Change rein with transition to trot between X and K
Between K & A Working canter left
A Circle left 20m diameter
Between A & F Working trot
Between F & B Medium walk
B Half 20m circle left in free walk on a long rein to E
E Directly to A – leave arena free walk on a long rein

To be followed immediately by:

SECTION II Jumping. NO time will be allowed between these sections for any adjustment to tack or rider’s dress. Maximum height of fences 0.90m (4 years) 1.05m (5 years). Fall of horse or rider or a total of 3 refusals will result in elimination.
Note: fence height at Final 1.00m (4 year olds) and 1.10m (5 year olds).
SECTION III Conformation (12 marks) and Quality (8 marks) Note: following Section III, the ten horses with the highest marks will proceed to section IV. In the event of equality of marks at this stage, the horse with the higher jumping mark will be given precedence. Should this still produce an equality of marks, all horses on that same jumping mark will come forward.
SECTION IV Suitability and Potential Only the top ten horses are required for this section where they will be judged for potential international quality to make a WORLD CLASS THREE DAY EVENT HORSE. The 5 year old horses will be required to gallop one at a time. The 4 year olds will only be required to show a forward moving canter indicating they could learn to gallop with further development and maturity. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure they present themselves in time for this section which usually takes place 10-15 minutes after the last horse.
Note: in the event of equality of marks at the end, i.e. after all four sections, the jumping mark will be given precedence. Should this still produce an equality of marks, the highest mark attained in the final section will be the deciding factor.

Save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the organisers or anyone for whom in law they are responsible, neither the organisers of any event to which these rules apply, nor any agent, employee or representative of these bodies accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators, land, cars, their contents and accessories or any other person or property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way whatsoever.



to be held on

Thursday 7th July



Henrietta Knight (Dressage)
Sue Benson (Jumping)
Richard Ramsay (Conformation)
Lizzel Winter (Final)