Barbury Castle Estate, Rockley, Marlborough, Wiltshire


Course Builder:  Stephen Renouard

Fence Height:      Juniors – 0.90m    Seniors – 1.00m

Start times will be confirmed on acceptance of entries.

Senior Prizes:       1st       £1000

2nd       £400

3rd       £200

4th       £100

Prize money cheques will be made payable to the Hunt

Junior Prizes:      Prizes in kind.

Rosettes:              To 4th place

Entry Fee:            Seniors – £80  Juniors – £60

Entries to:            The Secretary

Barbury International

Mead House

South Farm

Hatherop, Gloucestershire


Tel: 01285 712955  Mobile: 07966 421779

[email protected]


The first 32 teams to enter will be given priority in each class.

All other teams will be held on a waiting list in case of a drop out.


The competition will run in the Top Arena as in previous years.  As in 2015, the last four teams will then move down to the Main Arena to continue the competition.  Following this the winning team will compete again against Celebrity Riders in aid of the Injured Jockey’s Fund.  All four Teams will be required to lend their horses for the Celebrities to ride.


Download Entry Form


Please complete and return by Monday 14th June to:-

The Secretary, Barbury International, Mead House, South Farm, Hatherop, Glos, GL7 3PN

Passes will be sent approximately 2 weeks before the competition.

The form must be signed by the Master, Chairman or Hunt Secretary (Seniors) and Pony Club or Hunt Secretary (Juniors)


Teams to be correctly dressed for a day’s hunting.  Safety headgear MUST be worn and only one hunting whip carried per team.  It is strongly recommended that horses should be shod.



Each team of four must hunt regularly with the Hunt they represent.  Two members must be a subscriber to that Hunt.  Each team must include the following Team members:

  • One member to be over 40 years of age
  • One member to be under 25 years of age
  • One member of the opposite sex



Each member of the team must hunt regularly but do not have to be subscribers to that hunt.  Open to Pony Club and School Teams that hunt regularly.

All members to be under 21 years of age

One member to be under 16 years of age



  1. Teams will compete in drawn order, two teams at a time and jump separate identical courses.
  2. The team members must hand a hunting whip on to the next member of the team. If the whip is dropped, the competitor who is handing it over must dismount, pick up the whip and may, from the ground, give it to the next competitor.  The lash may be taped up but should be no longer than the solid length of the whip.
  3. If a team member fails to complete the course either through retirement or a horse having three refusals, the following member must complete the round from the point of retirement and then continue to jump their own round. A team member may not complete the previous members round until they have had three refusals on the course.
  4. Time penalties of five seconds will be added for each fence down.
  5. Refusals and errors of course will increase the time taken to complete the course.
  6. Teams must consist of four riders and four horses.
  7. The initial rounds will take place in the Top Arena. The last 4 teams will then move to the Main Arena to continue the competition.  The winning team will then compete again against celebrity teams for the Charity competition (supporting the Injured Jockey’s Fund). The lasts 4 teams will be required to lend their horses for the Celebrities to ride as everyone will swop horses.
  8. In the event of a serious accident to either horse or rider the opposing team member will complete their round and the clocks then stopped for both teams. The next competitors will not be allowed to start the course until the injured rider / horse has left the arena.  The competition will be re-started with the next rider of the team involved in the incident starting at the fence where the incident happened and the opposing team from the start line.
  9. The Master, Chairman or Hunt Secretary must sign the entry form to authorise a team can compete.
  10. Hunts can enter more than one team.
  11. Incivility to any Barbury Official will not be tolerated and may result in team disqualification.
  12. The Organisers and Judges decision is final.