Barbury media accreditation criteria :

  1. Official representation:  The applicant must be part of the editorial team, or on an assignment for a specific publication, broadcast media or news service attending to specifically cover the event.
  2. Freelancers (Photographers and Journalists) :  Written evidence of commissions and/or sample work may be requested by Barbury international Press Office team when considering applications.
  3. Websites:   Only appropriate websites that preview Barbury International may be granted accreditation.
  4. Photographers:

4.1 Accredited photographers are prohibited from offering pictures for sale to competitors  at Barbury International for a period of three months after the event.  Anyone in contravention of this will not be accredited in the future.

4.2 Only one photographer per publication or organisation will be accredited for each day of the trials.

  1. Limited capacity:  Only a limited number of press passes are available.
  2. Children and dogs:  Due to limited space in a working environment, we  regret that we cannot admit children or dogs to the Press office.