British Eventing at Barbury International

With its roots in the military, British Eventing is one of our most successful sports at major Championships.

There are three horse eventing disciplines designed to test the horse’s ability:

  • dressage – which tests the horse’s ability and control in walk, trot and canter
  • cross country – which tests stamina, speed, jumping and bravery
  • show jumping – to test athleticism, control and accuracy

Horse Eventing is like a pentathlon for horses, combining different disciplines in one competition. The scoring is run on a cumulative penalty basis – the competitor with the least penalties at the end is the winner.

What makes British Eventing so special?


  • Horse events are a sport that Britain has won over 200 Championship medals in 88 years of competition
  • British horse events are a true all round test of horsemanship
  • One of the few sports in the world where men and women compete on equal terms
  • One of only three Olympic sports where men and women compete on equal terms
  • The genuine amateur can compete against World and Olympic Champions
  • Appeals to young and old alike
  • Excellent spectator sport – Barbury International Horse Trials entertains 15,000 visitors

For more information on British Eventing disciplines click here. There are many other up and coming horse events in Wiltshire.